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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Pink Sparkle --- I see improvement

I received my order from Shipwreckbeads as well (sighhhh $30 shipping *tear---> heart breaks) on Thursday and forgot to update on my previous blog (I know I can go back to the post and edit it....but I like to add it on here before I go on to the next topic). It was nicely packed and most of the items were of decent quality. My main tools (pliers and cutters) were coming in this order and as soon as I got it I started experimenting! My first attempt was Pearl Crystal Dreams and now I am on to the next one.
I call my next project Pink Sparkle.

For each earring I used one straight flat head pin (silver plated), 6 Czech Crystal Diamonds in Pink and 2 clear glass crystals as well as one earring hook. I am starting to get a hang of it now, creating those loops take time though! I have successfully broken quite a few wires before I cam even close to what it is suppose to look like. For the newbie like myself, the following youtube video helped a lot! 

It may look easy but these wires bent easily from places you don't want it to bend. This is KEY to learn as every single piece of wire (well, most) need loops somewhere in them.

I am finding it fun to create earrings and come up with designs and am also thinking that I might as well start selling them. I don't know about the price I will sell them for though.

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