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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Peachy with Gold - Hoops with Bracelet (Set)

My first time working with memory wire, and I was amazed at how easy it was (actually every time I make a piece of jewellery I get amazed hehe). I think I used the wrong cutter to cut the wire.
Memory wire is harder than the ear findings (pins, ear hooks etc) and comes in a package all coiled together. It looks like a spring with big diameter, OR a better example is that it looks nearly exactly like a Slinky. Following is my first set made using memory wire and I'll include what I used to make it and a brief description of how I made it.


Czech Faceted Round Crystals 6mm
Peachy Pink Fire Polished Crystals 8mm
Gold Plated memory wire
Round nose pliers

First I took the memory wire and cut a little more than a full circle from the memory wire (the extra was taken to make the 'lock'. I cut three circles in total; 2 for hoops and 1 for bracelet. Than I put two Clear Crystals followed by one Peachy Pink Crystal followed again by two Clear Crystals. I repeated the same procedure for the other hoop. At one end of the hoops I made a loop (How to make a loop video is available in my previous blog, click here to access it) facing upwards and on the other end I turned about 6mm of the wire ninety degrees to the side, creating a 'lock' for the hoops. 

For the bracelet I made a loop on one end of the wire and beaded 6 Clear Crystals followed by one Peachy Pink Crystal, repeating the procedure until the end of the wire was reached leaving approximately 6 mm for the loop to be made to close off the bracelet. For the lock for the bracelet I took around 2.5 cm of the Gold Plated wire and made a loop sideways on both ends, facing the opposite ways creating an 'S' shape. I did not close the ends completely of the loops and put one end in one of the loops in the bracelet than closed it with  Flat Nose pliers and left the other loop a bit open so that the bracelet can be unlocked to be worn and locked when worn =)


  1. Crystals always spells elegance in jewelry designs! Love those hoops! Welcome to blogging - I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. Pearl

  2. Lovely...gotta love crystals. They add a touch of elegance.
    Welcome...blogging can become part of your life!
    Have fun...


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