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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Back to Jewellery Making Basics

My routine of blogging has been interrupted massively, and after a long time ( a month and a half) I decided to sit down with my wire and crochet hook to make a fabulous piece. What turned out was an average, normal not that attractive looking bracelet and this got me thinking. Am I thinking too rapidly and trying to step in all different kind of areas in jewellery making, when I should be concentrating on only one area and after becoming proficient/ expert in it than look in areas?

And I concluded that YES! I am thinking way too fast and need to slow down and practice one area before stepping into other areas.

So I am back to point zero........ the start........ starting off with earrings.....and only concentrating in earrings now.

I will try my best to give a step by step guide in my blog on how I made the earrings, because initially my purpose was to help out newbies like myself and share the information that I learn with others in plain words and simple steps.

I might post random blogs as well not related to jewellery making or anything close at all and share photograph with you that I love (I have started to enjoy photography ALOT).

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