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Friday, 30 September 2011

More Swarovski Crystals on ETSY!

Please click here to visit my Etsy store "allsparkle"

Cubic Zirconium coming very soon!!! Keep checking :)

(ok the following image is of Czech fire polished crystals not Swarovski, but it's a new addition to the store)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Switching to selling supplies

I realized I'm not doing that great coming up with ideas or my creative side has gone on a vacation. And now I'm thinking it may just be permanent vacation.

So I'm switching over to selling supplies! I ordered amazing swarovski crystals and glass beads. These are the supplies that are the initial selling items, and my long term plan includes selling Cubic Zirconia in supplies in Etsy very soon!

Following are pictures of few of the many supplies I am going to add to my Etsy store (allsparkle)

6mm Amethyst Blend Swarovski Crystals 5328

Once in a while when my imagination kicks in, I'll definitely make something along the way, but until than I hope selling supplies gives me some luck =)

Take care

Thursday, 22 September 2011

How to take Jewelry photograph

I think I am still struggling on how to take perfect, professional looking photographs of the things I make.

Reading through one of the blogs that I follow ( I discovered a link that made me almost cry in happiness!

A link on how to take Jewelry Photograph

This website ( gives all the Do's and Don'ts of jewelry photography..... I'm going to try it out and see how successful and professional my pictures now are going to turn out.

Take care  ^_^

Pendant to match :)

Hi, hope you are doing great! I sat down looking at my supplies and looked at this "jig" thing that I bought and thought I'd experiment around and lo and behold! I use a bit of jig and the ideas started popping in my mind.......I made a  matching pendant for the earrings I recently made (click here for the post on them).

I took 20 gauge wire, twisted it around a fat circle peg, made a loop  and hammered it flat. I did not know before that hammering a round wire down makes it strong!

 i than twisted the end with a round nose pliers and attached the few links chain with real turquoise to match the earrings.

Here it is, hope you like it =)