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Monday, 25 July 2011

I am back!

Life sometimes becomes so strange at times, it becomes difficult to decide what emotions to feel. God tests the emotional tolerance level to the max during those times. On one hand he gives life changing joy, that makes it oh-so-hard to hold tears of happiness in and are poured out like a water fountain but in joy. On the other hand he takes away the cloud of protection that is always there in the shadows as a silent support providing all the love and comfort, taking pain of the stones of evil being thrown in our direction and here we cry for them once they are gone but this pain of sadness remains inside. These tears of heart ache don't flow out, because no one will understand them if they come out. It's strange that even with these tears locked in, the heart doesn't feel burdened and heavy and the acceptance that life goes on makes it that much more bearable.

SOOOOO that was my mushy explanation of my absence without giving full personal information out. I know, I know people say " it's just a blog, why bother telling why you didn't post anything" but I felt like sharing my thoughts with the people that do read my blog even if they follow me or not :).

I hope I didn't confuse many of you and that I made sense because in here *pointing to my head* I make complete sense.

NOWWW..... jewellery making starts tonight my peeps! and hopefully it continues on steadily.

Hope that you continue reading my blog =)   Take care

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